the unknown

press a button on a website and who knows where you get to.    This is for scotch whiskers – hope all is well.     Miss the blogs!


at the top of the world has its disadvantages as well as pluses – the clouds skud across the sky – grey and now dark grey and the wind whistles licking its lips around the rooves – but we stay firm, and the windows stay in place. My grandmother would have been 99 and one day – what a wonderful lady she was – warm, witty and she coudl always find something charming to say about someone – a key piece in humanity

Elf and safety

Dressing up has to be the best way of uplevelling.    Today was the day of the book signing at Denbies Village Greens – I had a space in amongst the Christmas trees and reindeer and decided that it was time to dress up as an elf.   I had my pyramid elf hat and musucbag together with toastie toes and a jacket to finish off the pink look.   Having tried out the look the night before and seen how incredible – or non credible the musuc bag on its own look was I had to add the jacket.   It worked – the event went well and I did a bit of selling although it is often about a lot more about spreading the word and publicising the North Downs Way in general.  Indeed today i found out – in a copy of the Daily Express – not my normal read – that Anne Widdecombe has been espousing the importance of walking for health.   So as they say in elf language – early to bed, early to rise, makes a wo/man elfy welfy and wise.     Back to the gnomeland for me now.